Roary & Friends

Meet Roary and his pals


Roary The Lion is the coolest cat in the whole of the jungle and the bravest around! He can usually be found on the cargo climb nets making his way to the top of the trees but his favourite thing to do is play with his friends who we’ll be introducing to you soon!

When not playing on the frames, Roary can usually be found in his café chatting with everyone. He loves to make new friends and is so excited to invite you all to Roar and Explore!


Rami The Rhino sometimes forgets how big he is! He doesn’t know his own strength knocking over some of the jungle trees on his way around Roar and Explore. He loves the toddler area but often gets stuck on the toddler slide, silly Rami!

In the afternoon his favourite thing to do is chill in the Toddler ball pit and chat to Ellie The Elephant.


Ellie the Elephant is our dancing queen! She loves to dance, but be careful, she’s a bit clumsy so sometimes knocks things over. Every morning after breakfast she meets with Gabi the Giraffe for a sing and dance by Roary’s Café.

In the afternoon she tends to be found chilling in the toddler area with Rami The Rhino.


Gabi The Giraffe loves to sing, every morning she heads to Roary’s Café for breakfast and sings for Ellie The Elephant while she dances. Her favourite breakfast is a green salad with lots of leaves though she is partial to a bite of chocolate too.

When she’s not singing, Gabi is always found by the Mirror Maze fixing her mane.


Sid The Snake can often be found him hiding in the cargo netting above the tiger slide or in the toddler ball pit. His favourite pastime is jumping out and scaring the other animals – but all just in fun of course!

Sid loves the Slushees in Roary’s Café but can never make his mind up on what flavour. If there’s a queue you can bet Sid is behind it keeping the lovely Roar and Explore team back by changing his mind each visit!


Tilly The Tiger is full of energy. She spends most of her day going up and down and up and down the tiger slide. She holds the title for being the fastest animal to make it down the slide!

Tilly’s favourite song is Roar by Katy Perry:

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion…”

Roary disagrees; he thinks he has the loudest roar!


Colin The Crocodile loves to hang out with Roary, they’re best friends. Colin is always playing on the step stones. He would climb on the cargo nets with Roary but is a little afraid of heights. Therefore you can usually find him on the lower levels of the play frames.

Colin loves making new friends and can’t wait for the doors to open every morning at Roar and Explore!